Over the last several years the Society has made excellent progress in creating and maintaining programs that make the District Council more effective in supporting our Conferences.  Looking forward, we want to keep the momentum going and that can only be accomplished with your help.  Below is a list of current opportunities available for service at the Council level.  These are all important positions that will help move the Society toward our goal to increase support for our Conferences in the new year.  If you have a talent in one of these areas or if you know of someone (member or not) who could help, please use the contact number provided.  Your support will make a difference.


Public Relations & Marketing:
We are looking for a person to work with the District Council President in promoting the services and needs of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul to the Community at large. The volunteer should have experience in public relations and/or marketing for commercial, public, or non-profit organizations. Hours are flexible. This is an opportunity to have a significant impact in helping us care for those in need.  Contact: William Howell 444-2195  william@svdp-palmbeach.org

Assistant Thrift Store Manager:
The Assistant Store Manager supervises the reclamation, processing, distribution and sale of goods during the shift. The Assistant Manager also assists the Manager with customer service, merchandising, marketing, public relations, and employee relations. This position reports directly to the Store Manager. Store Hours are Tues.-Sat. 12pm-6pm and Saturday, 10am-4pm. Minimum 20 hours per week with a flexible schedule. Contact: William Howell (561) 444-2195  william@svdp-palmbeach.org

Thrift Store Associate:
We need cashiers and floor people to help customers with their selections. There are also opportunities to help in sorting, pricing and moving clothes to the sales floor. Minimum one day per week or every other week from Noon to 6PM. No experience necessary. This is an opportunity to help us help those in need in our community.
Contact: Vincent (561) 252-5754 vaguas@svdp-palmbeach.org

Client Intake Specialist:
We need volunteers who can answer the phone and take basic information from our clients including name, address, phone number and a description of their needs. People calling normally need food, rent, electric, etc. The information is then passed to one of our local conferences for disposition or to another agency. The hours are flexible but are generally from 10AM to 4PM Monday through Friday. You may work one or more days per week at our West Palm office.  Contact: Carol 444-2195 carol@svdp-palmbeach.org

Voice of the Poor Program Coordinator:
The Voice of the Poor is SVDP's national program that advocates for legislation at the national, state, and local levels that helps the poor. As Vincentians we are the Voice of the Poor. Therefore we want to inform our elected representatives and our community how legislative decisions affect the people we care for - our friends, the poor.
Contact: William (561) 444-2195  william@svdp-palmbeach.org

Disaster Program Coordinator:
Providing disaster relief is a long-standing Vincentian activity. Every Council should have a Disaster Committee to plan any responses the Council wishes to make toward areas hit by disasters. The committee then coordinates those responses when the time comes, and assures that it involves all Vincentians who wish to participate.

It is important to note upfront that SVDP is not an Immediate Responder to disaster sites. We are not professionals, but just ordinary people wishing to help out the best we can. Therefore, we do not worry about the things that the professional disaster agencies do, but rather help out wherever we can fit in. The normal response for us would be to help our fellow SVDP Council located in the stricken area. Contact: William Howell (516) 444-2195  william@svdp-palmbeach.org

Youth Program Coordinator:
Most people agree that we as Vincentians need to be reaching out and including the youth in our Society. We are creating a Regional Youth Program that can provide help and advice for those Councils who wish to reach out to the youth and try to create Vincentian Youth Groups in their Council areas. This is not a mandatory program for anyone, but is for providing assistance for those who do have a desire to introduce our youth to Vincentianism. 
Contact: William Howell  (561) 444-2195  william@svdp-palmbeach.org