Who We Are

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The Society in the Palm Beach District consists of over 182 regular members and 49 associate members who work in 16 Conferences serving the poor from Jupiter to Boca Raton and west to the Glades. 

Total disbursements for direct assistance was over $696,816.00.  These fund provided assistance in the form of food, clothing, furniture, as well as rent, electric, water, medical, dental and legal expenses.

Our volunteer members made over 2,577 home visits to those needing assistance as well as making over 2,900 other visits to hospitals, prisons, and eldercare facilities.  In addition, members provided over 4,600 other contacts for job placement, referrals, travelers aid, and spiritual aid. 

Members in Palm Beach County provided over 47,828 hours of service and traveled over 61,758 miles to service the needy.

All services are provided free of charge by non-paid volunteers.  All funds are from donations from individuals, businesses, and private foundations.  There is no government funding for these activities.  All are helped without regard to religious affiliation.


Using your donations to change the lives of many.